Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 54 - Value Eating on 05/06/2010

For breakfast I enjoyed a nice cup of latte macchiato – double serving of milk with a strong café and an organic orange: 2$, early lunch was another serving of my fridge cleanout soup: 1.5S… and one more serving to go (luckily I froze two smaller servings yesterday… I could have never finished all this soup… but I will get back to it soon, cause part of the fridge cleanout is also a freezer cleanout… some local veggies still in there I froze when there was more of them still around).

For dinner I treated myself to something special: I was in the area of Dirk’s Fish on Clybourn, and he has the best fish ever. And the best seafood salads. So I bought three little portions of three different salads to enjoy over the next couple of days – and with it came a beautiful, crusty Red Hen baguette: today’s share 5$.

Total Food cost of Today: 8.50$

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