Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 53 - Value Eating on 05/05/2010

For breakfast I continued to finish up the food bought by the friends that had house sitted in my absence. Cause I have huge difficulties throwing food away, I munched on what is the Trader Joe’s version of shredded wheat “frosted maple & brown sugar”. And what is written on the package is what you get: sugar, sugar, sugar. Very sweet, but no wonder if ingredients no. 2 and 3 after “whole wheat” is “sugar” and “brown sugar”… No mentioning of Maple Syrup an an ingredient though (and what is the “frosted maple” supposed to make a reference to??) The cost? Never buy this stuff myself, so let a box be… what, 4$ - assuming 13 servings in the box that comes down to 30cents and 50cents for my lovely organic Castle Rock Creamery milk! And a strong caffe and an orange to offset all that sweetness! 1.1$.

For lunch I dived into my leftover veggies soup – a BIG portion - let’s put that at 2$.

Dinner was simple frittata made out of one egg and a pinch of Roberta’s Roasting & Grilling Salt w. a slice of organic, artisan bread 0.33$ + 0.1$ + 0.1$+ 0.1$ to line the pan with Cosimo’s extra virgin olive oil.

Total Food Cost of Today: 4.53$

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