Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 55 - Value Eating on 05/07/2010

Today was a hectic and food wise totally screwed up day. I was working a tasting in Evanston until the afternoon and skipped all food till I got home around 4pm for my last serving of leftover soup and a nice piece of the Red Hen baguette with organic butter. I love bread and butter. Which is why I try to keep little of both around. Has not worked too well the last months, cause I really like the salted organic butter you can buy in the US. Butter in Italy was a no-go. Terrible. Inedible. But why would they need to worry about butter if they have such an abundance of great olive oils? They even bake their pastry with olive oil and all cakes I ever baked that way turned out great! My favorite is a sponge cake w. orange juice and orange zest. Terrific. But I guess with it being May now, the recipe for this cake has to wait till winter … Be strong!

Total Food Cost for Today (and I am not proud of today’s screwed up diet): 2.5$

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