Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 45 - Value Eating on 03/29/2010

The weekend was all screwed up. I was doing cooking demos all over Chicago and that does not encourage eating. With all the tasting, re-tasting and tasting again, more food is really not needed…. I munched on some fruit and fennel, but that was all. So we will leave this weekend blank.

On Monday, I was on my way of preparing my morning Cappuccino, when I realized that the milk started to be a little off. Now, when that happens, there are two things I usually do: either I have the milk sit outside, go completely sour and then use the cheese to do Polenta dumplings – or I throw some of Fabio’s & Nicoletta’s originario rice from The Scrumptious Pantry into a pot, pour the milk over it and cook rice pudding. Very neat breakfast or lunch. Perfect brunch on this start into the new week. 40c milk + 60c rice + 2c cinnamon + 15c honey + 65c 1 apple, plus an espresso (40c) = 2.22$

For dinner I tossed some leftover pasta (60c) from one of the weekend’s cooking demo with the greens from an organic fennel bulb (50c) and threw the last chunks of blue cheese in there (31c). Whoa, that cheese has been around since mid January.. two months for a piece of cheese… guess it was about time it went… Some Olive Oil to line the pan (25c) = 1.66$

Total Food Cost for today: 3.88$

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