Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 46 - Value Eating on 03/30/2010

An early morning phone-call announced lunch meeting at noon. That meant that I skipped breakfast, cause I cannot eat earlier than 10am. I just have the feeling that I need to burn some energy, before I consume more! Which is also why I am not at all a person that eats at certain times. I eat when I am hungry, not when the clock indicates a certain time. Anyways, lunch was great. I had a delicious thin crust pizza at Osteria Via Stato. Their bread is to die for, too. I stuffed my face with it… I needed not only the espresso right after the meal, but another one back home (hello, dancing goat! 40c). I am totally addicted to bread. There is nothing more satisfying than bread.. yep, I am a carbs girl. I admit!

So after all the yummy carbs for lunch (price of which was 18$), dinner was a big salad using all my leftovers in the fridge – tomorrow is Wednesday, so I have the new produce box coming from Green Grocer Chicago. Yeah! ½ bunch of organic, but Californian celery stalks (95c), 2/3 organic (and Californian) cucumber (80c) = 1.75$ plus a cup of herbal tea (27c). It is about time the snow buggers of so we can get fresh local produce again!!! Even if one was content with local root veggies (I would) – there are no more to be found… all eaten. Finshed!!

Total Food Cost For Today = 20.42$

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