Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 44 - Value Eating on 03/26/2010

Breakfast: A dancing goat cappuccino and a slice of artisan bread w. yummy honey and an organic apple (50c+12c+15c+65c = 2.42$)

Lunch I tried to keep away from, cause I had a big dinner coming up… I enjoyed one of the herbal teas I had bought at the Empty Bottle Farmer’s Markt – 27c.

Dinner was in a Chinese restaurant that advertises as being a more “real” than the classical American incarnations of Chinese food. Well, I had the pleasure to have lived in China and they do not deep fry all their food to death… but dinner was fun anyhow, sharing food with a crowd of friends is always nice. 15$

Total Food Cost for Today: 17.69$

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