Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 43 - Value Eating on 03/25/2010

Today was the day of drinking out – coffee that is. I went to Wisconsin to meet with a group of incredible talented people to discuss a potential future collaboration. Four hours driving both ways meat I needed to get up early. Which meant that after 100 miles I needed some coffee. Now, I wish I would have a thermos for these occasions, so I can bring my own. Other than for food, I have not yet thought about that, but after today, I will certainly change that (I brought the other half of the “polenta lasagne” for lunch and that was great, cause just looking at the food available at the gas stations along the way made me feel a slight nausea. Anyways, I got my green mermaid worth of milk drink and made it to Iowa County w/o falling asleep (3.70$). I had another espresso at a small café/bookstore/food store in Mineral Point (the cutest town and a great store, too – Set in Stone is it’s name! 2.05$)

For food, I had leveraged on the fact that there was one last banana left from last week’s produce box and that this week’s included rainbow chard. Yeah, you are right – a green smoothie breakfast! I was curious to see if I would feel as hungry again shortly afterwards, but I figured that sitting in the car and not moving it might be a good opportunity to give the green smoothie his last fair chance. I added an apple and it was fine. Tasted fine and I was not overly hungry (at least not for the first 100 miles, hence ca. 1.5 hours – that is when I had the so called “cappuccino” which in this country contains enough mik to qualify as dinner!) apple 65c, banana 39c, chard 1.25$ = 2.29$

1.99$ for my lunch (the second serving of the polenta lasagne) and 99c for two organic tangerines in the afternoon = 2.98$
On my way back from Wisconsin I decided to take a nap in a rest area rather than spend more money on coffee… Luckily I am one of those people that can sleep everywhere, anywhere!

Back home I dived into my fridge to clear out all the veggies that were from last week and threw them together for a big salat: three turnips, 1/3 cucumber, 3 small radishes, a couple of celery stalks. Finished off with juice of ½ lemon (Tot 2.5$). Went with a sandwich of two slices of artisan bread (24c) and my imported camembert (35c)

To wind down before going to bed I prepared myself a tea I had bought at least weeks Farmer’s market from a little company called …. A herbal tea supposed to relax. It freaked me out at first, cause it smells EXACTLY like CREST TOOTHPASTE! I never ever had smelled that exact smell before anywhere else but in a squeezable tube that contained toothpaste. If there was a smell in this world I had connected with artifical, it was crest. Guess I was wrong. Looking forward to meet the owner of the company soon again at another market, I wanna know what that herb is!! 27c

Total Food Cost for Today: 11.45$

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