Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 40 - Value Eating on 03/22/2010

The morning I prepared myself a nice caffe’ latte using one cup of organic milk and preparing some artisan Dancing Goat Espresso in my small Italian mokka that sits on the stove. Thanks to Dancing Goat I have now altered my caffe’ making ritual. If you remember a previous post on the Italians rules on preparing caffe’ – well, those rules work in Italy. They do not work here. I had to go through some frantic moments of heart racing, cause I used as much grind beans as I would have used in Italy. WrongWrongWrong. The Italians roast their coffee beans really dark. The longer the roasting process, the less the caffeine! So now I do not even fill all of the sieve with coffee and it is perfect! 40c milk, 10c coffee beans = 50c.

For lunch I reheated half of what was left of my veggie soup from the day earlier. For variation, I minced up three small green garlic (greens & bulbs) and mixed them (fresh) under the soup. Looked nice and tasted great – a little delicate punch of baby garlic. Again, I ate two slices of bread with the soup (& butter!) = 1.74 c (50c for the baby garlic).

While I was munching on my organic afternoon apple (65 c it is SO great to still be able to find delicious local produce NOW!) For dinner I was called out for dinner with friends who were so kind to invite me, so we are gonna blank on that one!


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