Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 39 - Value Eating on 03/21/2010

Today I really wanted some warmth – the snow outside was quite discomforting on the second day of spring.
So for brunch I made myself a nice, thick, fluffy German pancake. Two happy eggs (66c), well beaten, ½ cup organic milk (20c), 1/4 cup organic pastry flour (13c), one organic banana (35c) and a tablespoon of local organic honey (20c) = 1.54. I enjoyed a glass of organic milk with it (another 40c)

For dinner I made a nice, thick soup, out of all the different organic veggies stocked in my fridge. I used a small cauliflower, two small yams, one small potato and one small onion. After sautéing the onion with some dried chilli flakes in olive oil, I added the chopped veggies. A couple of cups of water, some cinnamon and some cumin – done. It can be so easy to cook a delicious meal. After 15 min. in which the veggies simmered peacefully on the stove, I passed all of it through the blender real quick, added some more water for a more liquid consistency, toasted two slices of artisan organic bread and happily indulged.

Cauliflower: 1.29, yams & potatoes 30c, onion 25c, olive oil 25c, three different spices 15c = 2.24$ and as I had three meals from this soup, the share of the dinner was 75c soup + 24c bread + 15 c organic butter on my bread = 1.24$
A huge crispy organic apple from a farm in Wisconsin for dessert was 65c



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