Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 41 - Value Eating on 03/23/2010

These days I am not sleeping enough, so the morning I need coffee to get up. Not a good habit at all! So breakfast was my DancingGoat Castle Rock Café latte (50c), two slices of bread (24c) and some honey (30c). Mid-morning snack was an apple (65c).

For lunch I had the final serving of my soup, with a drizzle of Cosimo’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil to finish it off (1.69c).

About mid-afternoon, a vision began to appear before my inner eye and was not going away. It just sat there… wherever I looked: a nice piece of meat! As you will have realized by now, I am not the biggest of meat eaters. But I like my steak once in a while! Or a nice burger. Or lamb chops. Or meat stew. For these occasions, I have my freezer well stocked. Whenever I come across a great product at the Farmer’s Market or some Farm Store, I will by my frozen meat and poultry. Actually I have to admit that there is a little too much meat stored in the freezer compared to the amount I am eating. Like this huge bird that is waiting for me to throw a dinner party for extended family & friends, and possibly also the neighbors! But. Anyways. I have these nice steaks I had bought in Fairbury at the farm of the Kilgus Family. One ended up on my plate, juicy, tasty – the quintessence of great pasture feed meat for 5$. After cooking the meat, I neatly cut off the meat before plating it, cause the bone went into the freezer to used the next time I cook a nice bean soup. As sides I sautéed the greens that were on the organic red beets in my produce box (not local at this point. The first non local beets – but it IS the end of March). How much is the price of the greens? Very good question, cause usually the greens are considered waste and thrown out (very unfortunate habit). I will count it as if it were a beet: 35c. Sauteed in a little olive oil and finished off with a bit of Roberta’s Roasting & Grilling Salt (30c). For carbs I slow cooked some of Nicoletta’s & Fabio’s Polenta, which I seasoned with some hot chillis and oregano (40c) = 6.05$

Total Food Cost for Today: 9.33$

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