Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 38 - Value Eating on 03/20/2010

I love Saturdays. Not because it’s necessarily a free day – when you are an entrepreneur, unfortunately your work follows you 24/7. But it is FARMERS’ MARKET DAY! Yeah! At least in the winter months the few markets that are still running are clustered around the Saturday and I love that opportunity to connect with farmers, talk about chickens and cheese, sourdough and frozen pesto. Mmh-mmh!

So the morning started out very unspectacular with an organic banana and two slices of rye bread with homemade fig jam (the jar is almost empty now, saving that last spoonful for a special occasion…sigh…). Cost = 39c+24c+44c= 1.07$

For lunch I bought myself a bacon scone at celestial kitchens’ stand at the Empty Bottle Farmers’ Market. Very tasty – especially cause I was so hungry and had soooo much looked forward to it! My weekend treat for 3$.

For dinner I fixed myself a quick pasta salad. It was the first day of spring (none withstanding the snow on the ground!) and how better celebrate spring and the outdoor parties, bbqs and picnics to come than with a pasta salad. It was a really simple fare, bridging winter and spring with the choice of ingredients: two oven roasted beets, some romaine lettuce, a cup of cooked Conchiglie pasta Carlo brings to The Scrumptious Pantry (BEST shape ever for pasta salads!), a dash of Cosimo’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil and of Roberta’s Roasting & Grilling Salt, some crumbles of fresh goat cheese e voila’… meal served for 2.70$ (1$ pasta, 70c EVOO used on salad &for roasting of beets, 5c salt, 60c two small beets, 35c for romaine lettuce and 20c for cheese).

Total Food Cost for Today: 6.97$

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