Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 37 - Value Eating on 03/19/2010

I am so happy being back to eating my way…. Sigh… as much as I love my work, and the traveling and eating out that comes with it – there is nothing better than home cooked meals. Wait, maybe there is – having friends over to share them with!
For late breakfast (ca.10 am) I heated a leftover portion of polenta. I used some Castle Rock Organic milk for creaminess, about ¼ cup. Added one apple and a kiwi. And had a glass of milk to go with it (1.84$ for polenta and 0.4$ for the milk). Gave me all the power I needed to get to the 4pm, when I arrived back home and had the leftover cabbage-fennel-stir fry from yesterday. Which now makes me realize that yesterday’s dinner was actually only half the price – those were the ingredients for two servings (two BIG servings.. but I was so happy to be indulging in fresh, healthy food. And you cannot really overeat on veggies, can you? – 1.15$)

I have to admit though that I had a very decadent snack in between: a pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant) from a small bakery I stumbled upon in Lake Forest (Northern Suburb of Chicago), when I was looking for a fast shot of espresso to keep me awake during the tasting @ Foodstuffs Lake Forest. So I met Gerhard. Well, no, not the man himself, but all the beautiful cakes and pastries, cookies and petit fours he sells at his store. Seems as if Gerhard was Swiss, trained in Switzerland and now living and creating beautiful cakes in Lake Forest! Quite a change of scenery, I would say, but the cakes he presents were absolutely stunning. Looked very much like the “real” stuff one find in Europe. Should I ever get married in Chicago, I surely know where the wedding cake will come from. Until then: indulgence in the form of pain au chocolat and a shot of Italian Espresso (5$).

Dinner was a slice of artisan baked organic multigrain bread (12c), a happy farm fresh organic egg sunny side up (33c) with a sprinkle of black organic pepper (2c) and a small serving of watercress salad (38c) = 80c


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