Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 36 - Value Eating on 03/18/2010

Picked up my produce box yesterday @ Green Grocer Chicago. Bananas! Guess it is time to try this blender/food processor some more on the quest for the perfect green smoothie…
My fridge sports kale and watercress, beats and turnips, yams and potatoes, white cabbage… what will go best with bananas & apples? I choose the kale. Chopped it up a bit, before putting it into the blender (the whole bunch, yeah, today is a healthy day!), added a banana and a small apple. Was ok. Nothing to be excited about, but drinkable. As in previous occasions, I started to be hungry really fast. Worse, I felt cold, as if I had no energy….

So 2 hours after my Green Smothie Bfast I was happily chopping veggies at the stove (warmth!) for lunch. I quickly sautéed ¼ white organic local cabbage with 1 small organic fennel (bulb & greens) in some olive oil and A LOT of chili pepper (some more warmth!!) . Enjoyed that with a sprinkle of salt on Fabio’s & Nicoletta’s Fragrance Rice (from The Scrumptious Pantry). Mmmhhh… so much better than the green smoothie. The energy I got from this dish kept me going until 9pm when I started nibbling on a cheese plate and two slices of bread with a glass of biodynamic wine from my friend Franz Loacker’s estate in Montalcino, Italy (where the Brunello comes from. But, no, I was not sipping Brunello all by myself in front of the PC).
Happy me. All healthy, nourishing food today!

Bfast: kale 1.50$, apple small 40c, banana 39c = 2.29$
Lunch: cabbage 35c, fennel small 40c, chili flakes 10c, rice 60c, olive oil 25c= 1.70$ (03/19/10 - correction: these veggies fed me over two servings -1.15$)
Dinner: 2 slices organic artisan bread 24c, nibbles of Wisconsin blue cheese, beer&mustard cheese from the UK and some camembert 2$. 1 glass Loacker Rosso di Montalcino 3.5$ =5.74$


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