Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 35 - Value Eating on 03/17/2010

Finally back home and at my own mercy when it comes to meals!! Subito, I hit my fridge - and I marvel about the beauty of root veggies. Even after two weeks in my fridge they are still in perfect shape. Even the lettuce is – thanks to having it stored in the lower drawer wrapped in a wet cloth.
My brunch is a feast of a nice warm bowl of Polenta from Fabio & Nicoletta (from The Scrumptious Pantry), an apple and two kiwis (no, the latter are not local. They came in my produce box from the Green Grocer – the neatest neighborhood store selling organic & local food. If there is local food around to have, you bet Cassie Green (no, no family relation) will have it stocked. If there is Kiwis in my box, than that is ‘cause Cassie could not get a hold of the local stuff. And, fairly enough, it is mid-march. Chicago has been eating storage fruit & veggies for six months now. We ran pretty much out of local stuff. Anyways. A drizzle of my favorite sweetener – honey – and I am happy. Gosh, how I have missed a nice, warm breakfast. Why is breakfast at trade shows and on the road always some weird pastry? Great start into the day! Apple (small) 40 c, two kiwis 58 c, polenta 80c, honey 15c = US$ 1.93

For dinner I indulged in greens – you know how you can get a real fresh salad when you are out and about? All the same chopped lettuce. So I had a great bed of organic watercress (75c), grated an organic local beet over that (39c), finished it off with a tablespoon of Guido’s Balsamic Dressing Sauce from The Scrumptious Pantry (50c) and some pumpkin seeds (15c). With that came a nice filet of local (Lake Superior) fish (2$) with a sprinkle of black pepper (0.05c) = US$3.84


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