Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 25 - Value Eating on 02/16/2010

Brunch was a multigrain roll from Cook au vin (10c) with organic butter (15c) and homemade fig jam (88c). I also had ½ cup or organic yoghurt (38c) and ½ organic apple (40c). = 1.91$

Lunch was the leftover veggies from yesterday, spiced up with some chili peppers, cumin and cinnamon. (0.06$ for spices) = 2$

For Dinner I was taken to explore Chicago’s Little India. How I love Indian Food! It is one great example how easy it is to eat delicious food with a huge variety of tastes – based on very simple ingredients. How yummy was that ChickPea Curry! And the potato pancake with cauliflower… But of course it requires basic cooking – which seems to be something the average American is completely estranged with. It is incredible what a take out culture has developed in this country. And I understand that there is little interest in quality food if it is being gulped down at a bistro table, the table setting being the stains the previous customers have left behind and a bunch of plastic boxes, wraps and styrofoam containers. How can that be an enjoyable meal? And if eating is not about enjoyment anymore, but only nutritional intake, sure no one asks questions about the quality of the daily bread anymore. A very sad sight.

Anyways, we stuffed ourselves for 15$ per person…and enjoyed two bottles of Goose Island beer with is (Chicago’s not so micro-anymore- brewery): 2.5$

Total Food Costs for Today – 21.41$

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