Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 24 - Value Eating on 02/15/2010

Breakfast was a cup of organic yoghurt (75c) and ½ organic apple (40c) = 1.15$

For lunch I had – fanfare – organic mac&cheese. Yep. Inspired by a reader’s comment that my eating was not representative of the average American’s eating habits, I had grabbed the box or organic mac&cheese at the Dill Pickle Grocery Co-Op a couple of weeks ago. What I did not know is that you should use milk for the sauce. Oops, no milk in house, but the package said that yoghurt could be used for a “tangy” taste and so I mixed a bit of yoghurt with water and a tablespoon of butter. And it was ok. It was edible. Will I buy another box the next time I am shopping? Probably not, just because I like to eat stuff that feels alive in some way. Powdered cheese, no matter how organic, is just not my idea of indulging. But it was certainly interesting to try. Cost: 1.99$ (it was on sale from 2.79) plus 15c for the butter and 20c for the yoghurt = 2.34$ The package reads 2.5 servings, but I finished it all…

For dinner I craved some liveliness, so I stirred up ½ organic local yam (25c), ½ bunch of rainbow chard (1.2$), ½ onion (25c), 2 organic local carrots (40c), 1 organic local beet (60c) in some olive oil (25c) (no salt or pepper) = 2.95$, divided by two meals (yep, tomorrow’s lunch is already cooked, I would say!)

Total Food Cost of Today = 4.96$

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