Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 26 - Value Eating on 02/17/2010

For Brunch I indulged in an omelette made of two happy eggs (67c), some great mushrooms from River Valley Farms (1.5$) that went just perfect with one of the Cook au Vin multigrain roll (10c) = 2.27$

Although after watching Julia Child’s omelette session just now (, I wonder if I was really doing a frittata? Very entertaining video to watch, I wish I would have been around to see her cooking shows every week!

In the afternoon I snacked on an organic bell pepper (from Mexico), which was among the other goodies in the produce box the Green Grocer provides his customers with. I cannot wait for spring to come to have some more local produce! The demand for local root veggies has been so huge this year, that most farmers are out. Although one small farm told me she had put aside more than 25 tons (!) of root veggies in October! I am very impressed to say the least with the spirit of Chicago locavores! 0.69$
Dinner finally was ½ Red hen demi-baguette (35c) with Wisconsin blue cheese (31c) and a spinach salad (1$): a bunch of spinach without the stems – which I kept for later use… never throw anything away, these stems will be tender once they are sautéed, so no need to waste food! They will be a great base for another frittata/omelette soon! Anyways, I was lucky to have some homemade vinegar around to finish off the spinach. No salt or pepper… I like the spinach taste to fully come through = 1.66$

Total Food Cost For The Day: 4.62$

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