Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 20 - Value Eating on 02/11/2010

Today was one of these crazy workdays in which one is zooming around town like a deflating balloon – although I guess it is fair to say that I was zooming in a coordinated fashion. Deflated though I felt after the whole day walking around the city with my sample bag in hand (and the content of my winter produce box in my bagpack – yeah for Cassie and her Team at Green Grocer Chicago for taking good care of us!!). So for dinner, I was happy to relax chopping and stirring in the kitchen!

After yesterday’s dinner party I skipped breakfast – I was so full still! Gosh, did I enjoy these beet ravioli!!

For lunch I had a craving for the Chicken Wrap Cassie sells at her store – I had actually already picked up my produce box earlier and was working away in a nearby copy shop, but I had to go back for one. It just kind of hit me while cutting the recipe handouts…. Dried cranberries, scallions, chicken – all organic, all delicious. And lucky I was to get the last wrap of the day! Ha! All those lucky pennies I had found in the street the last days – I knew they meant something! The wrap was washed down with a double espresso (Black Cat by Intelligentsia, how I love you!) Sandwich 7.05, coffee 2.17 = 9.23$

Dinner: in 1tbsp of olive oil (0.25$) I sautéed 1/3 organic local yam (0.15$), ½ bunch organic rainbow chard (1.20$), 1 organic local beet (0.60$), ½ organic local purple (!) potato (0.40$)– never seen that before, but it was pretty to look at with all the different colors. 0.04$ for salt and pepper The United Colors of Root Vegetables kind of. Really well with that went a beer from Ohio (1.86$) I had found at Provenance Food & Wine on California = 4.50$

Evening snack: organic apple 0.8$

Total Food Cost for Today: 13.53$

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