Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 19 - Value Eating on 02/10/2010

We got like a lot of snow outside. Tons of it. I live in a ground level apartment, so all I see when I look out of the window is white. Which makes me want to start my day with something warm and comforting, so – what a surprise!- brunch was Fabio’s & Nicoletta’s Polenta from The Scrumptious Pantry, a tablespoon of the organic local honey and an organic apple (80c +15c +28c = 1.23$)

Lunch were two slices of artisan bread which I toasted and enjoyed with some of the great French pepper pate’ I had bought at Schaefer’s in Skokie. (60c +54c = 1.14$)

For Dinner I got lucky. Chicago’s best pasta home cook was celebrating her birthday with a great selection of cheeses and homemade ravioli… Oh what wonders she did! Celery ravioli topped with sautéed mushrooms were really yummy, but the raviolis filled with roasted beets & ricotta were to die for – especially after tossed in a sauce of melted raw butter, Guido’s Balsamic Dressing from The Scrumptious Pantry and a little goat cheese. So perfect! And the best proof that enjoying your food in company is so much more fulfilling. You eat slowly, enjoy every bite, a nibble here, a taste there - celebrate food! So much better than stuffing your face with some mediocre TV dinner. How to price that dinner, I honestly have no idea. Would it be fair to put down 10$ given all the cheeses and meats and wine?

Total Food Cost for Today: 12.37$

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