Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 51 - Value Eating on 05/03/2010

Now, today was scary. I needed to run all up and down Chicago’s Northshore and had planned to be home for a late lunch and skip breakfast, cause it was either sleeping 15 more minutes or preparing a sandwich to take with me on the trip.

Then, at one of my stops en-route, at Sunset Foods in Highland Park, I took a sample bite of the carrot cake that was sitting on display in the bakery. Although I was not hungry before, the moment the sugary cake had been swallowed, my system was screaming for food. Very crazy reaction. So I obeyed to my body calling for sugary treats and bought myself a chocolate double muffin (1.11$). Now comes the scary part. That muffin put me on a level of sugar and energy - I was not even thinking about food for the rest of the day. What a mean piece of cake. I had to force myself to prepare a decent dinner at home, and that fairly late, cause the idea of eating nothing but a double chocolate muffin for a whole day gave me the shivers. Learning: Sunset Food has very yummy baked goods. But be aware that a muffin can be a meal! Share with someone or keep one half for later. Try to stick to that as a general rule when it comes to "snacks"!

For dinner I started my annual spring fridge clean out: half a bunch of organic Red Chard (1.29$), two organic spring onions (0.5$), a tsbp EVOO from Cosimo in The Scrumptious Pantry (0.4$), a hot pepper from the local Mexican store (but neither organic nor local) 0.2$, a tsp of freshly squeezed lime juice (0.3$) and a pinch of Roberta’s Roasting & Grilling Salt (0.3$), all over some pasta (1$) = 3.99$

Total Food Cost for Today 5.10$

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