Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 50 - Value Eating on 05/02/2010

Breakfast was late, a delicious Croissant from Gerhard’s Patisserie in Lake Forrest with a nice Cappuccino – 3.90$.

For dinner I had planned to stir up some veggies, but I went to check out my new garden plot in the afternoon and ended up going to dinner with a friend in a Serbian diner kind of place she recommended. Delicious Cevapcici. Childhood memories. We had a (then still Yugoslavian) restaurant close to home in Germany, and if the family went out for a treat, we got to choose between Turkish food or Yugoslavian. I loved to go there, cause I would have double portion of Palatschinken with chocolate sauce for lunch, while my Dad had the Cevapcici. Officially. Inofficially, I nibbled enough Cevapcici of his plate that he went home hungry. Anyways, for 6US$ enjoyed dinner in good company, talking about Square Foot Gardening. I am very excited to have my own gardening plot for this season. Although I am pretty sure that it will be hard at times to get to the garden often enough in the hot days of summer – especially as I do not own a car and the plot is 6 miles away. But I am not complaining. I cannot wait to have my first crops - wanting lots of different chilli pepper plants, eggplants, tomatoes, beets, potatoes and some squashes. My goal is to take a decent amount of this year’s harvest into the root cellar in autumn and feed myself with it over the winter. All very exciting!

Excitement came for free, the Food Cost for Today was 9.90$

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