Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 59 - Value Eating on 05/11/2010

Today was one of my hungry days. I started the day with a happy sunny side up (.33) with a sprinkle of Roberta’s Roasting & Grilling salt (.05) on a slice of home baked chive potato bread (.25). Very yummy.

Lunch was two slices of bread (.5) with a serving of …. Chili! Still some left. Luckily I like it a lot, cause I will be eating it another couple of days. That is the challenge you face when buying your meat with small farmers at the farmer’s market: it comes frozen, so once you unfreeze it you have to eat it. If it were fresh, leftovers could be frozen, but as I am frozen meat to cook with, re-freezing is a no go. Maybe I should just invite a bunch of people over to share a meal and a good laugh!? One serving of the chili is actually 1.59$, there is just much more in that pot than five servings only! 2.06$ for lunch. An espresso followed in the afternoon for .4$

For dinner I started out with some cheese nibbles from artisan cheeses I had bought in Wisconsin (.6) with a biodynamic pear from Argentina (yep, forgive me, but no real seasonal fruit yet! .7). After a couple of hours I was a bit hungry again and followed Michael Pollan’s brilliant food rule: all junk food is ok if cooked from scratch at home: an organic potato (.3) sliced thinly and pan fried in some good Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Cosimo and a pinch of Roberta’s Roasting & Grilling Salt (.45) were just what I wanted, together with a cup of organic Castle Rock milk (.4)

Total Food Cost for Today: 6.42$

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