Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 58 - Value Eating on 05/10/2010

So, brunch today was a leftover frittata, using some of Carlo’s delicious pasta, two happy eggs and a teaspoon of Roberta’s Sun-dried Tomato Spread – all whipped together and briefly cooked in a frying pan (when making fritatta, just make sure to let it rise slowly over low heat. Do not stir. You do not scrambled egg – it only get’s hard that way and looses its taste!). 1.46$

For late lunch I finished off one more serving of my chili & rice: 2.09$ and enjoyed a cup of herbal tea (.15$).

For dinner, I munched on the second leftover bunch of celery sticks and a small multigrain roll from Cook au Vin (1$). At this point my fridge is almost empty (two more beets to go!!!) and ready for the start of the Farmer’s market season 2010! Whoaa!

Total Food Cost for Today: 4.7$

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