Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 57 - Value Eating on 05/09/2010

Bfash was an organic grapefruit – two more oranges to go and my citrus is cleaned out – horrah for strawberries!! (0.9$) and green tea (0.15$), lunch was chili & rice (3$) and dinner was a pretzel roll w. cheese (0.80$) and an organic beet (two more to go, 0.5$) and some shopped up organic celery stems (0.8$).
At this point my fridge is almost empty and I have started to tackle my freezer as well. I actually feel as if I have accomplished something!

The Farmer’s Market season has started in Chicagoland, and I am very excited! Looking forward to Tuesdays – will be my first market visit of the season, as I skipped yesterda’s Saturday market kick off in Evanston. I just hope that the recent drop in temperature will not affect Midwest farmers to much. No, that was put wrong: it has already affected farmer’s in the Midwest, especially fruit growers in Michigan have suffered losses already – a warm April and frost in May is not a good combination. So let’s hope that this bumpy start into the 2010 growing season has exhausted what nature has in store for farmer’s this year – for an abundant crop for everyone to enjoy!

Total Food Cost for Today: 6.15$

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