Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 29 - Value Eating on 02/20/2010

Thursday, Friday and Saturday are very much on-the-road days for me. Should you decide to think of me one of those days, picture me in a grocery store talking food with customers and sampling out The Scrumptious Pantry products. I totally love these events. Honestly, I love talking food, cooking food, sampling food (yeah, that comes as a surprise to you, right?), so I am having tons of fun when I am doing in store presentations. The best thing: I will eventually bring home some delicious cheeses, meats or other goodies I discovered in the store.

But eating wise, it is a bit tricky. I always think I might be missing something when I take a longer break for lunch, so I prefer to hide a sandwich somewhere around my table that I can take a bite from when no one is close. Now that better be a sandwich without too many layers or loose ingredients – so I perfected the frittata sandwich for these occasions. A frittata (Italian omelette) gives me a good boost of energy cause of the protein, it is easy to eat and can be prepared the day before. I am usually whipping up my next day frittata while I am cooking dinner. At least there is no need to clean dishes in the morning before dashing out to whatever store I am headed to. So today was the day of the Spinach stems – sautéed in olive oil and with a pinch of Roberta’s herbed Roasting & Grilling Salt it found its place in a two happy egg frittata in a multigrain roll made a delightful brunch. (1+0.05+0.25+0.67+0.1)= 2.07$

For dinner, I had a little of Carlo’s Durum Wheat Pasta from The Scrumptious Pantry left over which I had not used for
sampling, so I sexed that one up with the last organic red bell peppers from my Green Grocer organic box, a small organic carrot and a dash of Cosimo’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Roberta’s salt (both from The Scrumptious Pantry) to become an easy-to-make-pasta salad. (0.7+0.69+ 0.2+0.4+0.05 =2.04$

Total Food Cost for Today: 4.11$

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