Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 16 - Value Eating on 02/07/2010

Breakfast was a quick banana with peanut butter (47 c - now that I got that stuff in my house I keep eating it cause it is so very convenient to “prepare”… about time I run out of bananas and this bad habit will eventually stop…), I wanted to keep my appetite for whatever I might find at the Logan Square Farmers’ Market…

I found a local honey from an Illinois farm which I immediately bought – I just have a thing for honey. Which reminds me that I miss “my” bees, which are now happily cuddled up in their beehive on the vineyard back in Tuscany, waiting for spring to come. They were my favorites. Watching the bees humming in and out of the hive, dancing over flowers and herbs was the best way to relax. Although I got stung more than once, I am totally in love with these great little animals. But I believe that bees belong into nature, so no beekeeping for me in the city of Chicago, although I was told by various sources now that there is a lot of urban beekeeping going on here. Well, not for me, thank you. Anyways, the honey refined my lunch, a delicious pancake, German style. The real German style that is and not the balloon type I once saw at the International House of Pancakes. It is made of flour, eggs and milk (although I tend to use water), hence ingredient wise it is very similar to crepes, only that the German pancake is high like an omelet. It is great either sweet or savory (love it with Speck and cheese!), today I had one with apples, honey and cinnamon. Yumm. Cost: 82c for two happy eggs, 56c for two organic apples, 8c for whole wheat flour, 2c for cinnamon and 15c for local honey, and 18 c one tbsp of organic butter = 1.63$

Dinner was a local organic beet (60c), pickled herring bought at the sustainable fishmonger (2$) and a slice of pumpernickel (16c) = 2.66$

Total Food Cost for the Day: 4.76$

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