Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 12 - Value Eating on 02/02/2010

Another day, another series of meals, very simple though cause I was unloading the truck with all my stuff, so no time for a lot of thinking over the stove. Thinking in the kitchen I was – it took me several hours to unpack the six moving boxes of kitchenware and figure out how to best organize my new favorite space…. Made me wonder how all those ready kitchen units are designed? Based on the average space in a small kitchen? Is there a model/average American who the thing was modeled after? And why is the fridge always big enough to store stuff for a family of six even in a small studio where another cabinet would be in much greater demand? A kitchen is such an individual space…

Anyways, even if my meals were simple, I enjoyed dinner as if it were a feast, cause I was sitting at my grandfather’s dining room table again, zipping out of my favorite cup and had a nice stainless steel pot to cook with (no offense to the double boiler, but it is, well, a double boiler).

Breakfast was 1 organic orange (1$) and a cup of organic green tea (6c) = 1.06$

Lunch-time snack was 1 cup organic yoghurt (74c) with 2 tablespoons of homemade fig jam (88c) = 1.62$

Early dinner was a nice plate of steaming Pasta (Carlo’s biodynamic artisan pasta from The Scrumptious Pantry) and some of the open jar of tomato sauce to which I had added three carrots, finely chopped. At this point I have to repeat my initial comment when I first opened that tomato sauce: very tasteless, very sad ready-to-eat sauce. We really need to get kids into gardens and into kitchens and give them their tastebuds back. One “Generation Tasteless” is enough! Not only would it be much cheaper to make a sauce from scratch, it would certainly taste better. 1.12 (pasta), 0.57 (sauce), 0.25 (onion), 0.60 (carrots), 0.50 (olive oil) = 3.04$

Total Food Cost for Today: 5.72$

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