Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 11 - Value Eating on 01/30/10 and a challenge on day 12 & 13

The last three days were everything but representative, because due to a trade event and visiting business clients I was eating out for two days straight.

Saturday I started with a late breakfast of my yoghurt and a half apple and half pear (all organic for 1.24$) , nibbling on the other two halves of the fruit in the afternoon, together with a piece of cheese and a cup of organic green tea (96c). Totally aware of what was going to come, I tried to stay on the fruity and light side!

Dinner on Saturday was eaten out, as was lunch on Sunday, dinner on Sunday, breakfast on Monday (a terrible pastry that tasted of nothing much than sugar and fat, really…), dinner on Monday. In between, I tried to eat some fruit, but as these events often go, was missing the quiet time to eat them, so nothing much but carrying them around in my purse…
Although I was very happy about the occasion to have great food at great restaurants, I really have to say, I appreciate the fresh taste of home cooked food. Looking forward to my carrots today.

So now the question really is how to consider these dinners in the cost calculation? It is only a 90 day project, and my job brings about more eating out than the other professions. My suggestion: If I were to consider 30$ for dinner on Saturday, which is maybe what I would have spent going for dinners with friends. And then Sunday and Monday we just plainly blank on and I will add two more days at the end of the 90 calendar days?

I think this is what would be best in terms having a representative result, so if there are no objections, we will keep 32.20$ on record for Day 11 of Value Eating on 01/30/2010 and will be back with Day 12 on 02/02/2010.

Total Food Cost for Today: 37.02$

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