Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 6 - Value Eating on 01/25/10

The first week of Value Eating is almost done and I am really curious what the weekly expenses will have been. For today, having enjoyed a late breakfast and “lunner” (lunch&dinner at 5.30pm), I ran up the following costs:

Breakfast: 1 cup of organic yoghurt which I bought at Trader Joes, with ½ apple and ½ pear, both organic. The yoghurt was 74c, apple and pear 25c each = 1.24$

For “lunner” I used the last ¼ of broccoli still in my fridge to prepare a “zuppa” – a thick Italian bean & grain soup. I am a soup and stew girl. If I have to choose between caviar and a nice pumpkin soup or chilli, I will most probably ignore the caviar. Anyways. I first steamed the broccoli and then used the water to cook the soaked beans. I had actually found a “17 beans & barley” mix at Trader Joe’s, which I tried in this occasion. A mix like that is in every Tuscan household. Italian convenience food, so to speak. I was happy to find this mix at Trader Joe’s, cause having to buy 18 different beans seems quite a hassle to me – even when bought at a natural food store in the bulk aisle, still they need to be weighted individually etc. The Trader Joe’s mix seemed a bit short on grain, so I added some of Fabio’s and Nicoletta’s Originario rice. Being a short grain ice, it is perfect for soups!

Once the bean & grain mix was cooked, I added the broccoli back into the soup (which is supposed to have a dense consistency, pretty much like chilli), added salt and pepper and drizzled a tablespoon of Cosimo’s Olive Oil on top for a perfect finishing! Voila – broccoli 40c, 21c for the beans & barley (1.69/lb), 15c for the rice, 40c for the olive oil and 4c for salt & pepper = 1.20$
With it I had another glass of the totally delicious Kilgus Farmstead milk @ 31c

Total food cost for today: 2.75$ and I am stuffed!!

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