Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 5 - Value Eating on 01/24/10

Today is proof that I am not one of those super-consequent, food-growing, roadkill-savouring people out of Idealland. I am human. After a day in which most of what was supposed to happen did not, hic everything went wrong, I want my favorite comfort food. I want pizza. Plus, I do not want to be in company of strangers in some restaurant, but want to eat it on my bed in front of my laptop, browsing silly internet sites, with my cats by my side.
So what does one do when new in a city and not knowing which delivery to call. Yep. Frozen pizza. Now, I have to admit this is most probably the first frozen pizza in six years (no frozen pizza in Italy for me, that is for sure!). And I bought it at the first supermarket I found. It is not organic, not sustainable, although I added ¼ of my organic broccoli to sex it up. For my defense I have to say that I bought the smallest one I saw. It still counts 700 calories (yieks!) and reads 101 (!) items on the ingredient list. Of which I can identify not more than a third. I best like the “bha and/or bht (to improve stability)”. Anyways, I still live. It did taste like a bunch of chemicals on dough. But then, for 99c, what can one expect? With the 40c of organic broccoli I threw on the pizza this dinner was 1.39 and on the borderline of Value Eating.

Breakfast and lunch though compensated:
Breakfast was Fabio’s & Nicoletta’s Polenta (80c) with one blood orange (56c) and a glass of the fabulous milk I bought at the Kilgus Farmstead yesterday (31c). It is not homogenized, so the cream is on top. Delicious! Total Breakfast: 1.67$
Lunch was a lamb bratwurst (one more to go!) for 2$, a big serving of Fabio’s & Nicoletta’s yummy rice (1.50$) and one 99c organic fair-trade avocado from the coop (no, not local, I know, but it was bought when I had no pots and cutlery and an avocado can come in handy in such a situation). Lunch expenses: 4.49$

Total food cost for the day: 8.05$ considering the organic pear I snacked on.

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