Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 1 - Value Eating on 01/20/10

Well, these first days of my posting might be pretty uninspiring. I just moved into a new apartment, but my furniture has not arrived yet, so all my kitchen is equipped with besides the stove is a pot, a wooden spoon and a knife.

Anyways, one has to eat and so I had

I had bought an insanely good artisan baked baguette at the Dill Pickle Co-Op grocery store. Just delicious. Perfect for breakfast with fig jam! So now, I had 1/4 of baguette, which would translate to 87 cents. The jam was homemade, but if it had been a store bought organic jam I guess I would have had to pay 7$ for the jar. So the two tablespoons I enjoyed on the bread were another 88 cents. Add one orange at 56 cents. I only drink hot water for breakfast, so total cost for my breakfast was 2.33$

Another sandwich, that baguette is to die for! I boiled two happy eggs from a local farmer (again bought at the Dill Pickle) and sliced them onto my sandwich after drizzling the baguette with 1 tablespoon of Cosimo's Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sprinkled some of the super flavorful Roasting & Grilling salt Roberta does back in Vinci. Ok, so now for costs: two eggs 41cents each, 1/4 baguette for 87 cents, the pinch of salt... now that is tricky... I have to admit without my kitchen scale, it is difficult to asses how many pinches in one jar. I approximated about 250. Will double check once my kitchen scale get's here. A pinch of salt equals approx. 5 cents. A tablespoon of the olive oil (assuming we have 45 tablespoons in one bottle) is 70 cents. So my lunch sandwich came with a price tag of 2.44$. Again, drinking hot water (this will be the boring part of this blog. It is either hot water of wine)

Afternoon snack: one organic apple (50cents) and one delicious red carrot (20cents) I bought at the Green Grocer on 1402 W. Grand Street = 70 cents.

Dinner: Given the desperate state of my kitchen I went for dinner with my Cousin, so no local sustainable dinner tonight, but a burger. But I had organic lamb bratwurst planned with yams and potatoes!

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