Thursday, January 21, 2010

90 days of value eating.

Ok, another one. Another self experiment posted online. I know we thought we had read them all: blogs and books keeping diaries of how they cooked their way through Julia Child, hunted & gathered in a 100 miles or 250 mile radius or within the borders of their home state. How they stopped to contribute to carbon emissions. So I am not going to copy those. I promise.

But now that I have taken on the widespread prejudice that eating organic/sustainable/real food is too expensive, I will now keep an online expense account of my meals. So the "value" in the title of this experiment does not relate to monetary value. It is about eating according to my own personal values.

I will not eat exclusively local food, cause I love the pungent Tuscan olive oil and a nice bottle of imported wine. I will not necessarily only eat from farm to table, cause sometimes an ingredient you need is not available directly. And maybe not all of it will be 100% organic. I will just continue eating as I did before, only change to my behavior being this online record. Fancy meals one day and a sandwich the other. I have no intentions of kicking off a discussion of the nutritional value of the food I consume, or on cooking skills. Although I appreciate any comment suggesting changes either in my diet or ideas of how each meal could taste better, it is first and foremost about money. How much does eating according to my values cost?

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