Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fields of Plenty - A Must Read!

You know these moments when you find an unexpected treasure? An antique gold rimmed Rosenthal plate for a buck in the garage sale, for instance. I had this sensation when I stumbled across Michael Ableman's book "Field of Plenty" in a used bookstore some time ago. It is an enchanting set of stories about real farmers across the US, making real food and creating great products that make consumers like you and me happy. Michael, an old school farmer himself, sets out one summer in an old camper to see for himself if there are other likeminded, quality driven farmers that strive for natural products. And he writes about these encounters with the love only a farmer can have for the land and the products it bears. The stories are matched with great pictures and recipes from the farmers his trip has brought him to.

A must read for food believers! A feel good book that leaves you happy and hungry for the next farmers' market. And the best: I just checked on and they are having a sale on this book! Enjoy the read!

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