Friday, March 20, 2009

Cooking ... and being in heaven...

... is exactely you will end up doing after having shopped at La Cuisine! A small independent cookware store with a fine selection of specialty food items in Alexandria, Virginia, LA CUISINE is the place to shop. And the best is: you can do it online - you just need to go to

The Cuisinetts, as the women that run the store call themselves, have a gifted hand to source great products that are delighting hobby and professional chefs alike! All of them are passionate cooks themselves, wich is the secret of their success. Nothing is stocked on the shelves of LA CUISINE without having been tested and tested again.

For Food lovers living in the VA/DC/MD area: the Cuisinettes do organize weekly events, tastings and classes such as knive skills. Check out their website to not miss the next time this small store LA CUISINE becomes the center of the cooking world!

Side note: we are proud to have convinced Nancy and her fellow Cuisinettes to stock our Roasting and Grilling salt by Roberta and Giulio. Buy it here:

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