Monday, February 23, 2009

How to make food

No, contrary to what you might think this is not another great recipe for Italian food (no need to be sad about that, will post some soon enough).... This is your guide to actually make food where it all begins: in the fields of a farm!

A great many people always look at me with this dreamy look, "oh, agricultre...I always wanted to work on a farm for a couple of weeks." So then, go, what are you still waiting for??? Just join this fabulous non profit organization named WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and before you know, you are picking peaches in South Africa, or harvesting rice in Indonesia, or making Cheese in Ireland and and and. Yes, you can come to Italy, too.

The trick is to become a memember of the national WWOOF organization of the country in which you want to work (for example the annual membership fee for Italy is 25 EUR). As soon as you have paid your membership, you will get a directory of all associated farms that swap room & board against your helping hands. And the best thing: as it is cultural exchange, all visa and insurance formalities are taken care of. Go to for more info!

And if you want to come to Italy, consider joining Cosimo in laying the groundwork for the new olive oil!! Read Matt's account on his time with at Cosimo's farm:

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