Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 32 - Value Eating on 02/23/2010

Today was easy... enjoying leftovers!!

But before we indulge in some more Sauerkraut, my breakfast was a HUGE SLICE of "Mohnstriezel" from an Austrian Bakery on Clark Street. It is a sweet bread, yeast dough based, that has poppy seeds and sugar mixed in. I almost fell over backwards when I tasted it. JUST LIKE IN VIENNA. My mum would kill for a taste of this bread! It is just as it should be, a great Austrian baking tradition kept alive in Chicago! Pensa te!! I would lie if I knew how much my friend had spent on this Striezel, and I have no intentions to inquire, after all, it was her hostess' gift. I guess though if we assume 60c for the slice I enjoyed we should be save. So, once more, 1.10$ for brunch expenditures (yes, I had a cappuccino. This coffee thing is terrible. Once I know I have it in my fridge, that darn appliance calls my name. That is why I should not have coffee in the house (and cheese, while we are at it).

Afternoon snack: a red beet pear smoothie. Ha! Now here is a story! After waiting over two weeks for some neighbor who accidentally signed for my super-duper blender-food processor to return that precious appliance to me, it finally arrived yesterday. I had been inspired to invest in a blender after reading a bit about the raw diet and how it is supposed to be good for you. As you most probably have found out by now, I like my food cooked. Spiced up. Transformed. Elevated. Not necessarily raw. But (there is always a but), I did totally understand the logic behind all of this raw eating. It makes sense, if you look at the data and studies and what not. So I figured, if I could get me to eat some more raw stuff all shredded together into a veggie&fruit smoothie that might be the solution? We will see in the days to come, but my red beet (2 small beets) and pear (1 pear) smoothie was really yummy. I also added some of the beet's leaves and stems which added a nice texture to the whole thing. The chopped stems gave me the impression of nuts. Now do not ask me how my brain made the connection between beet stems and nuts, but I can assure you, that was absolutely the association I had. 0.69c beets + 0.79c pear = 1.48$ in three servings of which one was stored away for tomorrow.

Dinner was a dumpling/kraut/pork loin leftover serving for approx. 2$

Total Food Cost for Today: 4.08$

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