Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 9 - Value Eating on 01/28/10

Today was not a very inspired day, cooking wise. I had too much on my mind to be overly creative in the kitchen, lucky me I had prepared a bit too much the previous days (on purpose), to fall back on!

Breakfast: 1 cup Yogurt (74c) with one orange (1$) and ½ apple (25c) - all organic = 1.99$

Lunch was some of the sautéed kale (75c) leftover from yesterday’s dinner mixed with two happy eggs (82c) to become a frittata (olive oil 25c) which I enjoyed with a piece of the delicious artisan baked demi-baguette (19c) I bought for dinner yesterday. Drink: a cup of green & mint tea with spices (organic from coop grocer): 15c = 2.16$

For snacks I finished the other half apple: 25c

Dinner was the second batch of chili (1.67$) over Fabio’s & Nicoletta’s rice from The Scrumptious Pantry (50c), with a glass of Kilgus milk (31c) = 2.48

In the evening another refill of tea leaves: 15c

Total Food Cost For Today: 7.03$

But I started an interesting exercise today: a reader wrote expressing his concerns that my diet might not be healthy, in the sense of meeting all nutritional requirements. He recommended using a very simple tool called CRONoMeter (available online for free at to monitor if what I was eating was balanced. I highly recommend it to everyone, if only for a couple of weeks to get a better feeling of how balanced your diet really is. You input the quantities of food you have eaten, and based on the official database of USDA & FDA your intake of lipids, carbs, calories, minerals, vitamins and protein is monitored and compared to your recommended levels.
I found that so interesting that I did not only input today’s meals, but also the last couple of days. The finding: overall I got the ratios right, but that system wants me to eat much more! Which I am not really sure I can do. If I am not hungry, so what can I do?? Anyways, I will be monitoring my food intakes on the CRONoMeter every day from now on and shall report in this blog if there is anything interesting coming from there!

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