Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bring out the flying pig!

Every year in April posters with flying pigs pop up all over Florence and Pisa - Jazz in Macelleria-time! Andreas Falaschi, the fourth generation running one of Tuscany's greatest butcher shops, hosts an annual Jazz concert. The small main street of old San Miniato get's flooded with people from close and afar listening to a local Jazz band playing behind the counter of the butcher shop, while nibbeling on the delicous taste bites Andreas serves together with local wines: the blood sausage "Malegato" (a Slow Food Presido), the "Spuma di gota", a puree of the Cinta Senese hog's cheek and various kinds of Salami.

Inside the butcher shop meanwhile, Andrea takes the time to explain all the different products to curious visitors, in this picture he is talking to Chie from Japan!

For more info on Andrea's shop, his family and the great products they create:

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