Monday, January 5, 2009

Barbara and Fabio win award

Congratulations to Barbara and Fabio from the Podere del Grillo in Tuscany:

dedicated famers, good friends and creators of treats such as the Tomato Jam with Grappa (one of the bestselling items in The Scrumptious Pantry) have been awarded the "Bandiera Verde" to honor their continuous efforts and achievements for local agriculture. The "Bandiera Verde" (translates to green flag) is awarded by the Italian Farmers' Association CIA (Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori) to farmers, communities or journalists that are dedicating their work to conserving local agriculture and agricultural traditions.
When awarding the Bandiera Verde to Barbara and Fabio, the CIA specifically highlighted their creativity when innovating new products from well known ingredients, thus creating more demand for produce which would otherwise been abandoned.

Another achievement that is to be mentioned is the meticulous work these two put to recuperate the traditional terrace style outlay of their fields. When they took over the Podere del Grillo from Barbara's family, lots of time, sweat and money went into analyzing old historical records from the time of Cosimo Ridolfi (the father of modern agronomy), paintings and maps to restore the land to the splendor of the terraced fields that once characterized this area of Tuscany.

Again, congratulations, and let's toast to Barbara and Fabio with a nice glass of wine, some yummy cheese and their delicious Tomato Jam with Grappa and the Green Tomato Jam to go make it even more yummy!

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