Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It is autumn and that means and the gastronomic face of Italy is changing: gone is the summer season, in which glorious fruits packed with sun are piled high in every corner store, in which you can grab your snack off one of the many fig trees, as you roaming through the countryside.

Autumn means apples and cabbage stews and the smell of fermenting grapes that is lying over the many Italian winemaking regions like morning fog. It means wandering through the forests after the rain, looking for wild grown mushrooms and - if you have a trained dog - for the precious white truffle.

And it means starting to open the jars of homemade rich tomato sauce, a memory of the sun-ripened home grown tomatoes that we have enjoyed so much over the last months, and for which we have to wait again till next June.

Welcome to Italy in autumn!

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